How is a judge likely to make child custody decisions?

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When parents divorce, the overriding standard in determining who children will live with is what is in the children’s best interests. This yardstick to determine child custody may sometimes seem confusing, so it may be wise for those in Florida to know how a family court judge may look at things. Usually, there are certain elements in common in all states that a family court judge will consider.

Some points considered when establishing child custody

Here are some points a family court judge in Florida is likely to consider when determining child custody:

  • The children’s ages: More one-on-one care is typically necessary for younger children. A judge will also consider who the children’s main caregiver has been.
  • Consistency in the children’s routine: Some children don’t take to change well, as they thrive on routine. A judge will look at living arrangements, school, visits with family members and so on.
  • Ability to parent: Can each parent meet the children’s needs both physically and emotionally as well as provide life’s necessities like shelter, food, clothing, health care, education and such?
  • Safety: A judge won’t grant custody to a parent if there is a belief the children’s safety will be compromised.

Judges usually like to stick with routines familiar to children. A judge will also want to know why relocation might be best for the children if that is one of the issues involved.

When a judge is making a decision on any type of child custody matter, it can be an emotionally draining time for Florida parents. It may be less stressful if each parent sought out the advice of an independent lawyer. Receiving legal guidance can help a parent to avoid any missteps throughout this challenging time while also increasing the odds of achieving the best outcome possible.