Common marital issues leading to divorce

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Sometimes married individuals struggle to address their irreconcilable differences. Unfortunately, these problems may ultimately keep them from staying together no matter how hard they try to resolve them. Here are a couple of marital problems that commonly lead to divorce in Florida. 


Both physical abuse and emotional abuse are indicators that a marriage probably will not last. The reason for this is that a healthy marriage is built on love, compassion and care. If one person ends up threatening the other person’s life, health or safety, the pair will be in no position to face life’s challenges together as a united front, in which case divorce is likely the best option. 

Extreme passiveness 

Yet another marital issue that may result in divorce is a pathological level of passivity on the part of one spouse. In some situations, a spouse may be extremely nice but refuse to take part in solving any problems facing the family. In other words, he or she is not a dependable partner, which might motivate the other party to end the union and venture out on his or her own moving forward. 

Where to turn for help and support 

No matter what the reason for a couple’s divorce may be, the process of ending a marriage can no doubt be overwhelming and frustrating from an emotional, financial and legal perspective. Fortunately, an experienced Florida divorce attorney can help a divorcing individual to make informed decisions regarding matters such as property distribution, child custody and even spousal support. An attorney’s primary focus is to ensure that his or her client’s rights are protected during all stages of the divorce process while fighting for the best outcome possible.