Protect Your Best Interests Regarding Child Support And Alimony

A divorce can be a heated situation that drastically impacts the way you live and the way your children live, and you need to be sure that the outcome of your divorce is providing the best possible outcome for you. Understanding calculations for alimony and child support can be difficult.  You need legal guidance to make sure the outcome is right for yourself and your kids.


Here at Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, P.A., we have been serving Florida clients for decades, and since our founding in 1991, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the respect and compassion they deserve from their attorney. If you settle for anything less than your best effort in these matters, you can come to regret it for years to come.

How We Can Benefit Your Case

Alimony and child support both have a lot of factors that are involved in the final values. Factors like income differences, age, health, education, lifestyle before the divorce and even working potential all weigh in on the final payments of alimony and child support. It is our goal to make sure that these values are accurate and fair, while also protecting your best interests.


It is also possible to modify these figures after your divorce in certain situations. We know that life is constantly changing, and so are the circumstances that would impact your alimony or child support. If you need these changed to suit your changing lifestyle, or even if you were trying to keep things the way they are, we have the experience necessary to protect your goals.

Let Us Begin Fighting For You

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