Certified Mediation To Settle Your Divorce

When you are facing a divorce, you should know that you actually have options on how you want to go about resolving it. The most common method of divorce is the typical scenario in which each spouse hires an attorney and contests every area of the divorce in order to get the best possible outcome for themselves. There is another method that typically saves you time, money and energy, and gets you to the results you need with considerably less stress.


At the Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, P.A., you can meet with Timothy S. Keough, an attorney and family law mediator with decades of experience in handling the needs of his clients, regardless of complexity. As a certified mediator, he has helped families through the hardest issues of divorce with his skills in problem solving, negotiation and litigation. He can also represent you during mediation provided by another mediator.

Why Mediation May Be Right For You

When both spouses agree to settle their divorce through mediation, they are consenting to a method that involves considerably less conflict in tension, which also gives them the opportunity to talk their problems out. Even the most good-natured couples can still let their emotions flare, and this is where a mediator comes in.


A mediator is a third party who doesn’t take sides in a divorce, but instead helps both sides find common ground. Hopefully, they will eventually be able to develop a settlement agreement. Mediation allows the parties to stay in control of their divorce, rather than having a judge make all the decisions. If you are looking for a method of divorce that will allow you and your spouse to quickly move on to the next chapter of your lives in a calm and simple manner, then mediation may be right for you. Mr. Keough’s skills as a certified mediator grant him the ability to keep tensions to a minimum while also guiding both parties to their best possible outcomes.

What Can A Certified Mediator Do For You?

Timothy S. Keough has been helping the Florida community for years, and is eager to earn the privilege of representing your needs as well. If you are in the Tavares area, contact our office by calling 352-508-1446 or emailing us to schedule your initial consultation today. The sooner you enlist the help of a mediator, the sooner you can settle your divorce.