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Child custody: Is your ex using your kids as messengers?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Family Law |

Most Florida family court judges agree that children fare best in divorce when they have ample time with both parents and when parents keep their best interests in mind. Child custody issues are adult matters. In fact, parents are wise to limit the details of their agreement, as well as other divorce issues with their kids.

Co-parenting issues can arise that cause children stress. For instance, if an ex keeps avoiding correspondence with a co-parent, but is using the kids to deliver messages, it can cause problems. The adults should deliver messages directly to each other.

An example of using children as messengers would be a parent that tells his or her kids to let their other parent know he or she is unable to make the next scheduled visit date. This is something the parent in question should communicate directly to the other parent. Children may feel stuck in the middle or confused about parental loyalties if this type of situation keeps occurring.

A more negative example of using children as messengers takes place when one parent tells kids to spy on the otherand report back with information. There is a difference between showing interest and wanting to hear stories about the time children spend with their other parent and asking them to observe their other parent in order to share private details of what is going on in his or her personal life. This type of behavior can also spark legal problems, especially if the reason a parent is asking the kids to spy has something to do with the terms of a court order. A parent in need of child custody support regarding such issues may request a meeting with a family law attorney at any time.