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5 ways to do self-care amid stressful divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce is an exhausting process, whether it’s contested, uncontested, no-fault or due to a spouse’s mental incompetence. It drains you financially, mentally, emotionally and physically as you navigate the dissolution of your marriage.

According to Florida Health, divorce is among the most common causes of stress. Too much stress can cause illnesses, prolonged depression and intense anxiety. A stressed-out person may also turn to gambling, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual addiction and engaging in other harmful behavior.

Remember to look after yourself

A highly stressful life event like divorce shouldn’t stop you from taking care of yourself. It’s important to be strong and healthy during this difficult time.

Here are five tips to practice self-care during divorce:

  • Keep yourself busy: It’s okay to process your grief, but don’t wallow for too long. Run overdue errands, do hobbies, read books or play sports. And get back to work, just don’t overwork.
  • Learn something new: Now is the time to try new things as you will soon enter the next chapter of your life. Learn how to cook, dance or paint. Create new experiences and learn from them.
  • Boost your body: Eat healthy and exercise more. Limit your smoking and alcohol intake and stay away from illegal drugs. Visit your doctor to check for underlying health concerns.
  • Open up to others: Don’t keep your miseries to yourself. Talk to family, relatives and friends. You may consider entering support groups, joining worship communities or consulting a therapist.
  • Date yourself: You are alone but not lonely. At least you’re trying to get over your grief. Go to your favorite café, watch a movie, unwind at a spa or hit the beach and enjoy your company.

Another form of self-care is self-compassion. This involves not blaming yourself anymore, accepting your problematic situation and forgiving yourself. It also entails being calm and collected during the divorce.

Embracing negativity and finding positivity

Self-care tips are not ways to escape your divorce problem. You must embrace your negative feelings and grieve for as long as needed.

While doing so, try to find ways to inject positivity into your life. This will help make the divorce process less burdensome for you and everyone involved.