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Pizza was a key term in this divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Divorce |

When Florida parents face difficult decisions in their family life, it often helps to try to see things from a fresh perspective. In divorce, for instance, moving on in life and adapting to a new lifestyle with children can be emotionally upsetting for all involved. However, parents who are willing to treat each other amicably can learn to work as a team for the sake of their kids.

A set of parents in another state found a way to add levity to the situation when they were negotiating terms for their co-parenting plan. It seems the wife had introduced the husband to a particular pizza restaurant when they were first married and went each year to an Independence Day celebration in another state where the wife grew up. He loved it so much it apparently became his favorite.

When the father of two was negotiating the parenting plan agreement, he incorporated terms so that his ex would agree to bring back an order of the pizza along with the kids each year after their annual July Fourth visit to the other state. At first, the mom was caught off guard by the request. However, she soon found herself laughing about it, and signed the agreement.

She said the unique stipulation made her divorce less stressful and reminded her of happier times in her relationship with her ex. Florida parents currently preparing for custody negotiations are wise to follow this former couple‘s example by trying to keep a positive attitude and work together as a team to develop an amicable co-parenting plan. It is helpful to stay closely connected with an experienced family law attorney, who can provide support if any legal obstacles arise.