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When a Florida parent faces complex child custody issues

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Family Law |

Most Florida spouses would agree that marriage can be difficult. In fact, some might say they would rather file for divorce than stay in an unhappy relationship. For those who are parents, however, divorce often prompts complicated child custody issues that can be challenging to resolve.

A man in another state said he felt he had to take drastic measures to garner media attention in his child custody case where his former wife was denying him access to his children. In a bizarre legal move back in January, the man requested trial by mortal sword combat. There is, of course, no such thing.

The man and his ex were also battling over property tax issues. In response to his unorthodox petition, the county judge overseeing the case suspended the man’s visitation rights and ordered him to undergo psychological evaluation. The results of the test showed the man is not mentally ill but has experienced emotional trauma from adjustment disorder in connection with his current circumstances.

Recently, the man filed a new motion requesting more than $250, 000 for emotional damages, legal fees and other expenses. He also asked the court to order psychological evaluation of his ex and her attorney, requests that appear destined to meet a similar fate to his request for mortal combat. While most Florida child custody cases are not as unusual as this one, complex issues can cause high levels of stress, and if parents are unable to settle their differences, it can keep families from being able to move forward after a divorce. To help stay on point and address unresolved legal issues appropriately, it’s best to rely on experienced legal representation in court.