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Helpful tips for Florida child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Family Law |

When a Florida parent files for divorce, a decision-making process is activated, especially regarding his or her children. Child custody proceedings can be complex and highly stressful. If the co-parent in question is not cooperative or is somehow trying to gain the upper hand in court, a concerned parent will want to reach out for additional support to help him or her protect parental rights and make sure the children’s best interests are a main focus of all proceedings.

If a co-parent is trying to paint a negative picture of the other parent’s household, he or she may request a home evaluation to dispel the accusations. Especially if the parent in question is requesting sole custody, it is imperative to show the court that his or her home environment would be beneficial to the children and not place their mental, physical or emotional health at risk. In child custody litigation, the court must be convinced on a particular issue that the best interests of the children will be protected.

Children typically fare best in divorce if they have ample opportunity to spend time with both parents. It is also best if they see their parents being willing to work together as a team to develop a comprehensive co-parenting plan. On the other hand, constant parental conflict can cause undue stress for kids.

If a Florida parent believes a co-parent’s presence would be a detriment to the children’s well-being, he or she will need to present evidence in court to convince the judge of the same. A family law attorney who is experienced in child custody litigation is a great asset for a parent who has grounds for seeking sole custody of his or her children. It is often less stressful to try to resolve these difficult issues when an experienced attorney is present to speak and act on one’s behalf.