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Divorce without confrontation: It’s possible

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Divorce |

Can two Florida parents end a marriage in court without getting locked into a contentious legal battle? The answer is, “Yes,” but it depends on several factors, such as how willing both parties are to try to avoid conflict. For those who wish to make this a common goal, there are numerous helpful tips available, especially regarding co-parenting and kids’ return to school.

Parents who want to keep divorce-related stress to a minimum will take time to write out detailed terms of agreement for their co-parenting plan. Children who are preparing for a new school year, whether they homeschool or go to public school, typically fare best when their days are structured and they have routines. Divorce can disrupt structure and routine, but parents who take this into consideration can help kids retain a sense of normalcy and may have a lot less stress than parents who fight over every issue.

After divorce, parents may have to discuss certain things, such as who will pick kids up from school or drive them to sports practices. Maybe one of the parents has a new romantic interest but the other parent does not want that individual to transport the children places. The clearer the terms of the co-parenting agreement, the less likely serious legal problems may arise down the line.

What if they do? No matter how much a Florida parent tries to avoid confrontation, it is not uncommon for post-divorce stress to occur if parents disagree on a child custody issue. An experienced family law attorney can step in to help resolve such issues before they get out of hand.