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Toxic relationship issues can prompt divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Divorce |

An issue that sparks problems in one Florida couple’s marriage may be irrelevant to another. For instance, for one pair of spouses, finances might be a trigger issue that often leads to conflict. Another married couple, however, might be so likeminded in their financial perspectives that they never have “money arguments,” so it is not a problem issue for them. There are several issues that suggest a relationship has become toxic, which is why, perhaps, they are often cited in divorce.

Every marital relationship is unique; however, spouses who file for divorce often have common experiences in their background regarding what types of issues may have prompted their decision to divorce. Many people talk about narcissistic behavior in their former spouses. Symptoms of narcissism may be shown when a spouse is always emotionally distant and unsupportive of his or her partner.

Another toxic issue in marriage is self-centeredness. If one spouse feels that the other views life according to how it affects him or her without regard to the other spouse’s feelings, it can cause serious problems in the relationship. Infidelity is also a common factor in many divorces, particularly those where cheating is a chronic or toxic issue. Such issues can create contention during divorce proceedings, not only from an emotional standpoint, but in other ways as well, such as if one spouse accuses the other of hiding money from a jointly owned bank account by giving it to the person with whom he or she has been cheating to hold until after the divorce.

Some Florida spouses are able to work through difficult issues in a marriage by going to counseling or agreeing to do certain things to restore their relationships. Others ultimately determine they would rather move on rather than to stay in an unhappy marriage. In such cases, it is helpful to have people on hand to provide emotional encouragement and practical support during divorce proceedings.