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February is a peak divorce month in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Divorce |

No two marriages are exactly the same, and an issue that sparks a problem in another couple’s relationship may have no implications in your own. The reverse is also true, however, meaning that a problem you consider to be a final straw in your marriage might have no relevance to another couple. While each Florida marriage is unique, many couples can relate to similar experiences and issues that often prompt a decision to file for divorce. In Florida and throughout the country, such decisions are often made in February.

A new year can create a desire for a whole new start in life

Divorce analysts say that more people file for divorce between January and March than any other time of year. There appear to be several reasons for this. First, when January arrives, it is the start of a new year, and many people set goals for themselves that they hope to accomplish before another January rolls around.

Certain holidays can make an unhappy spouse feel worse

Starting afresh in life is a common January goal, especially among those who have been unhappy in their marriage for a long time. In addition to making resolutions for a new year, February happens to be a month that features Valentine’s Day, a holiday most commonly attributed to lovers. Those who study divorce rates and data in the United States say that when someone in an unhappy marriage sees lots of Valentine-related posts on social media, many decide they’d rather move on in life without their spouse than stay in an unhappy relationship.

Understand state laws before filing for divorce

Any Florida spouse, especially one who is also a parent, who is currently considering filing for divorce may want to seek clarification of property division and child support guidelines in this state before heading to court. Making informed decisions is a key factor toward obtaining a fair settlement. An experienced family law attorney can be a great asset in addressing the many financial and other issues that must be resolved.