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How to save money during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2022 | Divorce |

An unexpected separation can be gut-wrenching for anyone who goes through it. Divorce in Florida also has a reputation for being expensive. Spouses who decide to end their marriage know they should prepare themselves for a financial shake-up. Here are a few ways to save money and make divorce less expensive 


One of the easiest ways to save money during divorce is to prepare beforehand. Gather and organize any important documents that may be needed during the divorce process. This saves attorneys from having to do it, thus cutting down on billable hours. 

Mediation or collaborative divorce 

If spouses are willing to cooperate, mediation is a great way to save time and money in a divorce. In mediation, divorcing spouses meet with a neutral third party who helps them negotiate and come to an amicable divorce settlement. Mediation can keep the divorce out of court. This not only saves a lot of money, but time as well. 

Support from family or friends 

Divorce is often emotional. Talking through one’s experiences is a good way to facilitate healing and get over a divorce in a healthy way. However, therapists and counselors can be costly. Another option is to consider talking with a family member or close friend who is willing to be a confidante. 

While divorce can be an expensive ordeal, it is important not to put off divorce just because it is costly. Sometimes, divorce is the best option. For any person in Florida who is contemplating divorce and may be wondering about the next steps to take, a seasoned family law attorney can answer questions and help them navigate through the process.