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When does a child custody arrangement need to be modified?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Family Law |

Parental divorce or separation affects nearly all areas of a child’s life. Many parents in Florida who separate work together to come to a child custody arrangement that suits the well-being of their children. Although custody agreements are designed for the long-term to provide stability for the kids, sometimes modifying a custody arrangement may be necessary. Here are some situations when the courts may grant a change in the child custody order or arrangement.  


Sometimes, a parent may need to move or relocate due to work or other factors. If the relocation makes the current custody arrangement difficult or impossible to maintain, the court may allow the custody arrangement to be modified. However, any changes must be made in the children’s best interests given the new circumstances. 

Uncooperative co-parenting 

Those who co-parent following a separation know that cooperation is the key to making this arrangement work. But what happens when parents discover that they are unable to work together to parent the children after their divorce? In a situation like this, the court may agree to modify the existing arrangement.  

Parents’ request 

Parents are not required to leave child custody issues up to the court. Parents in Florida can work together to create a parenting plan on their own or negotiate physical and legal custody. If the parents determine, for whatever reason, that the current child custody arrangement needs to be modified, they can petition the court together and request a custody modification. However, even when modifications are needed, proposed changes to child custody arrangements are never taken lightly in Florida. Parents who are seeking a custody modification or have questions about any aspect of child custody may want to consider meeting with an experienced family law attorney before proceeding.