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The top reasons for divorce today in Florida

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Divorce |

Most Florida couples get married for one primary reason. That reason is love. Although marriages begin for one reason, they end for a multitude of reasons. Knowing the main causes of divorce could help those who are currently married to avoid the same fate. Here are three of the top reasons for divorce today. 

Financial problems 

Issues around money and financial matters are some of the top causes of divorce around the country. According to recent data, financial issues play a role in over 40% of American divorces these days. Money touches nearly every aspect of life. If spouses are not on the same page about how finances are handled, it can result in irreconcilable problems. 

Lack of communication 

Good and efficient communication is the foundation of a marriage. So, it only makes sense that spouses who struggle to communicate can end up separated. Couples who struggle to communicate in a healthy manner often stop talking to each other altogether, which can lead to the breakdown of the marriage. 


When a spouse cheats or goes outside of the marriage to get their needs met, it often leads to divorce. Once trust is lost in a marriage, it is nearly impossible to make it work. Recent statistics suggest that extra-marital affairs are the top reason for divorce in America today. 

Legal help amid divorce 

Marriage is never easy. In some situations, it may make more sense to end the relationship than to continue living in an unhappy marriage. Those in Florida who have questions or need help with divorce may want to consider meeting with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide invaluable advice and help individuals determine what steps they need to take.