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Divorce filings expected to spike with Florida’s lockdown easing

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Divorce |

This week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Full Phase 1” of reopening the state in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is going into effect. More businesses are reopening, and other places that were previously open can accommodate more customers at a time, if they so choose.

As the state begins loosening its lockdown restrictions after nearly two months, there will likely be booming business in several areas, one of which will probably be divorce. Several weeks of being stuck in the house together have almost certainly driven several couples from “troubled” to “ready to end our marriage.”

Quarantine tested many Florida marriages

Even people who thought they were happily married may have realized that their relationship is not as solid as they thought it was during the lockdown. In the Miami Herald, one divorce attorney compared the lockdown to a preview of retirement. If you and your spouse cannot get along while together 24 hours a day for seven weeks or so, how will you be able to enjoy being home together most of the time for ten years or more? Add in possible stressors like job loss and an uncertain future, and it makes sense that the pandemic and resulting stay-at-home order could cause divorce filings to skyrocket in Florida.

That would follow the global pattern. After China ended its lockdown in March, two of its cities experienced record highs in divorce filings.

With divorce, timing is crucial

If you are thinking about divorce, keep in mind that the date you file can greatly affect the level of marital property you will receive. The timing of your filing will be one of the things you discuss with your divorce attorney.