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Divorce: What if your ex refuses to cooperate?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Divorce |

When Florida parents decide to end their marriage, they will have numerous issues to resolve regarding future family life. Divorce is rarely easy, and if the parents involved do not get along, then creating an effective co-parenting plan can be challenging. In some cases, an ex might make things difficult.

It is important to determine whether it is a matter of opinion or personality. After all, if a marriage ended in divorce, there was a reason for that, and such reasons often include personality clashes. If a former spouse is getting on a co-parent’s nerves, that is one thing. However, if he or she is intentionally disregarding a court order, that is quite another.

If a disruption to peaceful post-divorce parenting is occurring because the co-parents in question do not like each other, parallel parenting might be a better option for them. In this type of arrangement, parents limit their interaction with each other as much as possible, using text messaging or email to correspond. Parallel parenting can help keep stress to a minimum if the relationship between parents is contentious.

When a co-parent is disobeying a court order, however, a concerned parent can request court intervention to enforce the order. For instance, a parent who attempts to alienate the affections of a child for the other parent may be found in contempt of court for willfully violating the custody order. Any Florida parent who is unsure how to resolve a specific co-parenting problem may wish to discuss his or her situation with an experienced family law attorney.