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Understanding modifications of court orders in divorce

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Divorce |

When a Florida couple wishes to end their marriage, they may not have to physically appear in court. Nevertheless, when the court issues a formal order, both sides must adhere to its terms. However, it is sometimes possible to request modifications of court orders. It is important to understand what this means, and when it is OK to request them.

When a family court judge approves a property division settlement, the order given is typically final. This means that, once the settlement is agreed to and the order entered, what is done is done. One party typically cannot go back and file a petition requesting a change.

On the other hand, when a child custody or child support order is made, there are numerous issues that may prompt a parent to request a modification. For instance, a parent paying child support might lose his or her job, making the court-ordered payments no longer feasible. This would be a legitimate reason to request modification of a court order.

There are other valid reasons for asking the court to grant a request for modifications as well. Maybe a parent has received a job offer in another state and would like to relocate with the children. If a Florida parent is unsure whether he or she has grounds for requesting modification of a court order in divorce, a meeting with a family law attorney can provide clarification. The Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, P.A., is committed to providing strong legal support for these and any other divorce-related issues.