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Divorce mediation: You don’t have to go to court

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Not every divorce in Florida has to be litigated. Many people simply want to settle their differences in an amicable fashion so they can achieve a fair settlement, leave the past behind and move forward without getting dragged into a court battle. Divorce mediation is one way to accomplish that.

Spouses may attend mediation sessions if they wish to finalize a divorce without going to court. There are numerous benefits to this form of alternative dispute resolution, one of which is that it is usually less stressful than litigation because spouses agree ahead of time to do their best to avoid confrontation. Another reason many people choose to mediate is because it is typically less expensive.

Mediation also enables a concerned spouse or parent to retain more control over the terms of a settlement. If two parents are unable to agree on child custody issues, for instance, and they go the litigation route, it is the judge who will be making all the decisions, not the parents. When parents agree to mediate a divorce, however, they can peacefully discuss each issue in a private setting until they come up with a plan that is satisfactory to both sides.

When children observe parents who are willing to work together for their sake, it helps them cope with the changes in their lives in a healthy manner as opposed to feeling stuck in the middle of a nasty court battle. The less hostility between parents, the better able to adapt to a new lifestyle the children in question may be. A Florida attorney who is experienced in divorce mediation is a great asset to any parent considering this option to settle a divorce.