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Agree to these child custody rules for less stress

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Family Law |

When a Florida married couple decides to go their separate ways, they have to work out an agreement for co-parenting. Child custody can be a complex issue, especially if the two spouses in question do not agree on what is best for their children. Things can get messy in court if both sides are not willing to cooperate and work together to achieve a peaceful and agreeable outcome.

One of the easiest ways to avoid co-parenting stress is to agree to avoid speaking negatively about each other, particularly in the presence of the children. During court proceedings, the judge does not want to hear all the reasons one spouse thinks the other was a lousy husband or wife. The judge does want to know what parents are willing to agree to regarding who should have physical or legal custody and what arrangements are appropriate for child support. If parents cannot reach an agreement, the court will make decisions on their behalf.

It is a good idea to remain focused on the children’s best interests. Child custody arrangements are more about the kids than about the parents. Co-parents who agree to make children’s best interests the central focus of all proceedings may have less of a struggle than those who are concerned about gaining the upper hand in court. Divorce is about adults but custody proceedings are about children.

Florida co-parents must continue to interact after divorce. If in person communication sparks arguments, parents can agree to correspond via text message or email instead. It is not uncommon for challenges to arise when trying to iron out the wrinkles of a potential child custody plan. It pays to stay closely connected with an experienced family law attorney who can help a parent protect his or her rights, as well as the best interests of children.