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Jennifer Gray’s husband has filed for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Divorce |

Making it past the 10-year mark in a marriage is not necessarily a guarantee that the relationship will stay intact for years to come. More and more people, including some in Florida, are filing for divorce after 15 or more years of marriage. In fact, Hollywood star Jennifer Gray is preparing for proceedings after her husband of nearly 20 years filed papers to end the marriage.

The former couple has one child, age 18. Gray announced on social media that she and her ex have agreed to go their separate ways. Gray is best known for her starring role in the $218 million box office hit, “Dirty Dancing” with co-star Patrick Swayze in 1987. She is about to return to the screen in a sequel to the film.

Gray has not formally responded to her husband’s divorce filing. The Academy Award-winning actress has stated that she and her ex are grateful for the years they shared and the decision to divorce is difficult. No information was provided as to whether the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement before they wed. Such agreements are common people who marry with high-net worth values.

After two decades of marriage, Florida spouses are bound encounter numerous financial challenges in divorce. An experienced family law attorney can help protect a client’s interests in court. In fact, requesting a consultation with an attorney is a logical first step to take when the goal is to obtain a fair settlement as swiftly and amicably as possible.