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Mugrabi divorce headed toward settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Divorce |

David Mugrabi comes from a family that made its fortune collecting art. He married former culinary student Libbie Scher, but their marriage has ultimately come to an end in divorce. When a married couple in Florida or elsewhere has a high asset value, property division and child custody proceedings can be complex and stressful. It certainly started out that way for the Mugrabis, although they now appear to have agreed to an amicable settlement.

Regarding assets, Mugrabi and his ex were at odds over a $72 million town home, as well as a residence in the Hamptons and an art collection, including a $500,000 Keith Haring statue. The disagreement between Mugrabi and his former wife reportedly became so contentious at one point that they got into a physical fight over the statue in question. Scher says she and Mugrabi grew tired of fighting over every issue in their divorce.

She also says the estranged couple was greatly inspired by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who promotes amicable divorce for the sake of children and peace of mind of spouses as they start their lives anew. Scher and Mugrabi liked this idea and have agreed to set their differences aside and work together to achieve a peaceful settlement. They have also agreed to shared child custody.

When a Florida spouse is concerned that he or she is not getting a fair deal in property division or child custody proceedings, it can be stressful and challenging to try to resolve the issue alone. This is one of many reasons it is always best to request support from an experienced family law attorney before heading to court. An attorney’s top priority is to protect the interests of a client and to make sure children’s best interests are a central focus of all proceedings.