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Divorce often follows these marriage problems

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2021 | Divorce |

Two separate married couples in Florida or elsewhere may experience similar marital problems. One set of spouses might be able to resolve their differences and move on in life together while, for the other couple, the same issue might be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, resulting in one or the other spouse filing for divorce. While no two relationships are exactly the same, there are certain issues that are often precursors to divorce.

Criticism is not compatible with marriage

The average spouse wants to feel encouraged and supported by his or her partner. If one spouse is highly critical of the other, it can cause a serious, sometimes irreparable rift in a marriage. When criticism becomes a constant characteristic in a marriage, it is not uncommon for a spouse who feels criticized to decide that he or she would rather divorce than stay in an unhappy relationship.

A marriage cannot thrive when a spouse is silent

Marriage counselors often refer to “giving a spouse the silent treatment” as “stonewalling.” Some people claim that they become silent when trying to avoid confrontation. However, stonewalling is a common issue in many marriages that winds up ending in divorce.

Contempt is another common issue leading up to divorce

Contempt for a spouse may be especially present in marriages where one person is a narcissist. Speaking in a degrading tone, insulting a spouse or being emotionally abusive is a type of behavior that often prompts the person on the receiving end to file for divorce. It is possible for more than one of these issues to be an existing issue between spouses, and it is also possible that such issues can intensify stress in a divorce. A Florida spouse who wants to settle a divorce as swiftly and peacefully as possible may want to request support from an experienced family law attorney who can protect a client’s interests as well as help to diffuse any emotional outbursts that may arise in court.