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Insist on fair child custody behavior

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Family Law |

Filing for divorce in a Florida court means having to make decisions regarding property division and other issues. For parents, child custody proceedings are always a top priority. The court expects both parents to adhere to the terms of its orders. If a co-parent is refusing to obey court orders or is causing legal problems, it can make post-divorce parenting feel like a nightmare.

A concerned parent can set boundaries to maintain his or her sanity

In order for kids and parents to be able to move on in life after divorce in a productive and healthy manner, the adults in question must be willing to interact respectfully for the sake of the children. If a co-parent is constantly being confrontational, especially if it is happening in front of the kids, a concerned parent can take steps to minimize interaction, such as by insisting that all correspondence take place through email or text messaging. If a co-parenting agreement has not yet been signed, terms can be incorporated into the plan, stating that both parents agree to avoid negative comments about each other in front of the kids.

Parenting apps can help a parent deal with a toxic co-parent

Advanced technology provides many resources for divorced parents to help make co-parenting more convenient and less stressful. There are cell phone apps that parents can install on their phones that offer features for everything, including correspondence, scheduling custody transfers and more. Not only a parent but also, the children, have a right to reasonably expect that the other parent will adhere to terms of agreement and will cooperate in order to help kids smoothly transition to a new lifestyle after divorce.

If that does not happen

If a co-parent is doing things like not showing up at the scheduled place and time for child custody transfers or not allowing kids to contact their other parent at will, it can make life stressful. It is also an issue that can be brought to the court’s attention. A family court judge can hold a parent in contempt for disobeying an existing court order.