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Heidi Klum and ex, Seal, disagree on child custody

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Family Law |

When a Florida married couple decides to divorce, it can be especially challenging if they have children. Most parents try to cause the least amount of disruption possible in their children’s lives. However, if they disagree about child custody issues, things can get messy. British singer, Seal, whose real name is Henry Samuel, says he constantly has problems with his ex, super model Heidi Klum, concerning their four children.

Shared legal custody means both parents must agree on decisions

Klum and Seal wound up back in court in 2020 when Klum filed an emergency petition requesting that the court grant her permission to take her children to Germany. She was scheduled to be there to film Season 6 of the popular TV show, Next Top Model. Klum said her ex refused to approve of her travel plans because he was concerned about the children’s health.

Klum told the court that she was willing to modify an existing child custody agreement so that the children could spend Christmas with their father, although, according to their existing agreement, it was her turn to spend the holiday with the kids. Klum’s eldest daughter also spoke to the judge overseeing the case, stating that she believes visiting Germany would be a good opportunity for her and her siblings, especially because they would be able to see their maternal grandparents.

Many Florida parents face similar child custody obstacles

It can be stressful for a family as they navigate a post-divorce lifestyle when parents disagree on child custody issues. In Seal’s case, he has stated that peaceful co-parenting takes teamwork, which is something he and Klum have never been able to accomplish. If a Florida parent is concerned about a specific child-related issue after divorce, it is always best to discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney who is well-versed on state laws and can recommend a best course of action.