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Co-parenting your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2021 | Divorce |

Child psychologists have said children who have positive relationships with both parents have much healthier lives than those who don’t. This is something important for Florida parents to keep in mind when they make the decision to divorce. Thankfully, there are tools and guidelines under family law to help parents to better co-parent their children. Having a comprehensive and workable co-parenting plan in place goes a long way to ensure children’s emotional and physical well-being. 

Kids benefit when parents co-parent well 

Although former spouses may no longer have the type of personal relationship they once had, it’s vital they move into a co-parenting relationship to make the situation work successfully. Even though the marriage is over, the family is still a family, and parents must put their children’s needs before their own, making decisions regarding them with mutual respect. Here are some ways children can have positive experiences from co-parenting: 

  • Better emotional and mental health 
  • Children feel loved by both parents giving them a sense of security 
  • When children see their parents working together peacefully, it gives them a positive example to follow 
  • They have consistency in their lives 
  • They learn problem-solving skills 

Put focus on the children 

Professionals remind parents that putting their children in the middle of conflict they have with each other is ill-advised. It’s important to keep children out of any parental conflict. Parents should never speak badly about each other in front of their kids and should never use children as messengers. The primary focus of co-parenting should be about the children. 

Florida parents have many positive methods available to them to become excellent co-parents. Those needing some guidance may want to speak to a lawyer experienced in family law. A lawyer may also be able to help fashion a co-parenting plan that works for individual circumstances, so some legal advice may be wise.