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Deciding if divorce is the right option

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Divorce |

When couples have struggled in their marriages for years, they have some serious decisions to make. One of the biggest faced by Florida couples in this circumstance is whether to stay married or to get a divorce. If both people are unhappy and the union is no longer fulfilling, perhaps divorce may be the best way to move forward. 

Things to think about 

Even considering divorce is a major step for some people. If it’s something that sticks in one’s mind, it may be time to take the next step. However, ending a marriage is a huge step in life, and couples will want to make sure they’re making the right decisions. Here are some ways couples could ensure they’re making the best decisions for their particular circumstances: 

  • Take all the time that’s needed. This is a monumental decision, and a couple must feel comfortable with whatever they decide. 
  • Discuss feelings with a professional like a counselor or a therapist. These experts may be able to help people to see what’s happening more clearly. 
  • Figure out which assets would be considered separate property and which would be marital property. 
  • Each person should think about what is best for himself or herself, not what is best for anyone else. 
  • Document any information that might be needed during the divorce process such as child custody, if applicable, spousal support or what will happen to the family home. 

Getting acquainted with the law 

It wouldn’t hurt to get to know some of the Florida laws that pertain to divorce. Things such as property division, how spousal support is awarded, what sole and joint child custody means, amongst others, are often crucial in one’s post-divorce future. Learning about the divorce process as whole might also be befitting, including things such as how to act and dress in court, if applicable. 

If a decision to end a marriage has been made, both individuals would be wise to build a support network of family, friends and professionals to help them get through the process. One of those entities should include a Florida lawyer. An experienced attorney can help ease the emotional stress of a divorce by answering all of one’s questions and concerns while also increasing the odds of achieving the most favorable outcome possible.