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Is parallel parenting an ideal option?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2021 | Family Law |

A couple who doesn’t agree on most things likely don’t agree on many issues regarding their children either. When Florida parents decide to divorce, there are many things they need to discuss, and one of the most important is child custody. In some instances, a joint custody situation isn’t always the best option, although preferred by most family court judges. However, when parents can’t work together for the sake of their children, there is another option called parallel parenting. 

What does parallel parenting entail? 

When the relationship of a soon-to-be divorced couple is very strained and they can’t stand to be in each other’s company, it may be best for them and their children if they considered parallel parenting, rather than co-parenting. This will let the kids see both parents without having to see severe conflict between the two people they likely love the most. In a parallel parenting situation parents have their own, separate lives with their kids, so when the children are with one parent, that person makes all decisions regarding their kids. 

In these cases, each person parents independently of the other with very little overlap of the other parent and with very little communication between them. However, when it comes to big decisions like education and, health care, parents could jointly decide on what’s best or one parent can take care of one area, while the other looks after another area. It’s whatever works for them, their children and the family dynamic. 

Children’s best interests 

The goal of any child custody, visitation or parenting plan is to protect the best interests of the children. Whether parents choose parallel parenting or another option, the choice must provide security and stability for their children. A Florida lawyer can carefully evaluate a family’s unique circumstances provide advice on critical child-related decisions during divorce.