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Attempting to avoid litigation during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Divorce |

Many spouses who have decided there is no other alternative for them but to end their marriages have a choice on how to proceed in the divorce process. Florida couples can choose to work toward a settlement or go to trial as per family law rules. Before making that choice — even if some people feel they need their day in court — they should be aware of the time, costs and stress associated with a divorce trial. 

A trial doesn’t have to be one’s first option 

Typically, it’s much more stressful to proceed through a divorce in a courtroom. Many couples are able to avoid this route, but when there are issues that a couple can’t agree on, there may be no other way. Court is not always the preferred option, and if spouses are in a situation where they can work though most things and even possibly compromise just a bit, they may be able to bypass litigation. This is often the best scenario when children are involved since a trial can disrupt time spent with parents and can create havoc in a co-parenting relationship. 

Divorce is stressful enough as it is without having to present evidence in court. Plus, being in court might cause a great deal of anxiety in some people. It can be a scary experience not knowing what to expect. Speaking in front of a stranger about personal details can be intimidating. 

The value of an attorney when determining the best route to take 

A family law attorney in Florida is not likely to immediately guide a divorcing client to a trial. It is more likely that an experienced lawyer will carefully evaluate a client’s unique circumstances to determine if avoiding litigation is feasible. Once the best route for ending one’s marriage has been determined, an attorney can carefully guide the client through the divorce process, increasing the odds of achieving the best possible outcome — inside or outside of the courtroom.