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Saying I do to a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Family Law |

There are so many things to do when planning a wedding, including arranging the reception hall, invitations, planning the ceremony, planning the meal and much more. There are other things to consider, too, which may not even be on an engaged couple’s radar. This can include discussing the legal aspects of marriage and how family law paves the way for important documents to be introduced into a relationship, such as a prenuptial agreement. It’s not the most romantic discussion to have, but it may be a necessary one that protects each individual.

The basics of a prenup

It’s important to know what a prenuptial agreement can do and cannot do. Here’s some information that may be useful to engaged couples contemplating this document:

  • Does not speak to anything related to child custody or child support
  • Is a legally binding document when correctly written
  • Highlights the financial expectations of the marriage
  • Can speak to each spouse’s personal circumstances
  • Having the document written sooner rather than later is wise
  • Can detail the specifics of one or more businesses

A prenup’s main purpose

The main impetus of a prenuptial agreement is to sort out details of assets and debits in the event a couple should divorce. It can itemize details like gifts, trusts and inheritances. A prenup is a personalized document that can include anything a couple thinks is important financially. A confidentiality clause can also be included, stating neither party can share what is contained in the agreement.

To make sure a prenuptial agreement meets all necessary legal requirements, Florida couples may wish to get independent legal advice. An experienced lawyer can answer all of one’s questions and concerns and provide guidance throughout this process.