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Choosing the right type of child custody plan

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce impacts each member of the family, and parents are often most focused on how they can protect their kids from unnecessary emotional duress. One important way to accomplish this is by choosing the ideal child custody arrangement for the specific family situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to child custody, and Florida parents may benefit from knowing all of their options before they make any important decisions.

Child custody options

Child custody not only pertains to how much time a parent can spend with his or her child, but also the specific role the parent will have in the life of his or her child. The different types of child custody include:

  • Physical custody: This is the amount of time a child will be with his or her parent, including weekend visitation, holidays, vacations and more.
  • Legal custody: This is the right that a parent has to make important decisions on behalf of his or her child, including those pertaining to education, health care and religious upbringing.

For many Florida families, joint custody is the ideal custody arrangement. This means that parents would share physical and legal custody equitably; however, there are times when one parent could retain sole legal or physical custody.

The best choice for a family

Every family’s situation comes with a unique set of circumstances. The best choice for a family depends on the individual goals and needs of the kids and parents. Each parent has the right to pursue what he or she believes will be the ideal outcome most likely to preserve the best interests of the children. Help and support from an experienced family law attorney can help improve one’s odds of achieving the best possible results for any issues pertaining to child custody.