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Helping children adjust to joint custody transitions

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Family Law |

As tough as divorce is for spouses, it can be even more difficult for children. Life as they know it will never be the same. Many divorced parents in Florida partake in a joint child custody agreement so that they can both remain in the children’s lives. However, transitioning between parental homes is rarely an easy adjustment. There are some things parents can do to make this transition easier for their kids.

Conflict-free transitions

In most joint custody situations, children will be going back and forth between parental homes. Nothing can make this transition more stressful for children than conflict between parents. It goes without saying that co-parents are not going to agree all the time, especially after a divorce. However, disagreements should always be kept between parents and never voiced to the children.

Be respectful of time

Be on time for pickups and drop-offs. If a parent is consistently late, the entire encounter and parental transition become far more emotional and stressful for all parties. Obviously, no one is perfect and there may be occasions when a parent is running late. If this is the case, just give the other party a heads-up. When parents are respectful toward each other, it makes the situation much easier for the children.

Like many parts of co-parenting after a divorce, transitioning the children between homes can feel difficult at first. However, parents can ease most of the stress by cooperating and vowing to put the children’s needs as the top priority. Parents in Florida who have questions about child custody, visitation or parenting after divorce could get help by meeting with an experienced lawyer. A knowledgeable family law attorney can assist in finding a resolution that suits the best interests of the children.