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Keep the kids the top priority in post-divorce parenting

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2023 | Family Law |

Any person who experiences divorce is likely well-aware of how emotionally and psychologically taxing this event can be. When parents in Florida divorce, they often feel as if they have ruined their children’s lives. While divorce can certainly affect a child’s life, what parents do in the aftermath will ultimately determine the quality of life the kids have. For parents who separate, here are a few post-divorce parenting recommendations. 

Parenting differently is okay 

One reason why many spouses end their marriage is that they just disagree on most things. A divorce is not necessarily going to change this or make things any easier. However, the good news is that an ex-spouse usually has a say-so in parenting styles after divorce. A parent can only expect the child to follow the rules that he or she has made and, absent something harmful to the kids, should not worry about what is going on in the other parent’s home. 

Never put the children in the middle 

Never talk about the other parent in a way that will force the children to take sides. The children love both parents and should not have to choose sides. Involving children in parental conflict will cause them a great deal of stress and worry. 

Listen to them and be empathetic 

Children will react to divorce differently. For example, some kids will throw tantrums or have outbursts, while some will lock themselves in their rooms. It is important to always be there to listen to them and be empathetic to what they are going through. Now more than ever, children need to know they are loved.  

Without question, parental divorce can be traumatic for children. However, if parents show love and keep the children as their top priority support, children can flourish and sometimes be better off than they were before. Parents in Florida who have questions regarding child custody or post-divorce parenting can get answers and guidance by speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney.