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Why many older adults are getting divorced

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Divorce |

There is an interesting trend taking place among older spouses in Florida. In what has become known as gray divorce, more older spouses are deciding to separate. According to recent data, the divorce rate among adults aged 50 or older in the United States has roughly doubled in the last 20 years. Here are some reasons for the gray divorce phenomenon 

Longer life expectancies 

Thanks to advancements in health care and technology, people are living longer these days. Americans today are commonly living well into their 80s. After retiring from the workforce, many older adults are less willing to stay in unhappy marriages. They may choose to pursue what makes them happy instead of accepting a relationship that no longer functions well. 

Empty nest 

When spouses are in the prime of their lives, they usually have children, pets or charitable activities to keep them active and busy. However, as children leave the home, spouses no longer participate in children-focused activities and instead spend more time with each other. In some cases, spouses may find the reasons that convinced them to get married no longer exist. 

Divorce is accepted today 

Several decades ago, divorce was frowned upon. However, the societal stigmas that once surrounded divorce in America are all but gone, so older adults are discovering that they do not have to spend their lives with a spouse they no longer love. For those who go through a divorce at any age, it is impossible to fully mitigate the consequences. Luckily, any person in Florida who is contemplating divorce can obtain much-needed legal guidance by speaking with an experienced family law attorney.